Thursday, 23 June 2011


Nightwave - Night Bird by BOILER ROOM

Awkward by ETCH

These are the songs i can't stop listening to, Need to get a copy of "Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)" but i'm pretty sure it hasn't been released yet and most likely won't be but ahh well, Come at me Blake.
Eyezdown will begin to pick up over the next couple weeks with some original content, we promise!
We have a VAST array of ideas in the pipe line, we want to be streaming a set every Monday or Wednesday night, we'll be interviewing producers, artists and dj's local to slough, Windsor and any other areas on the outskirts of west London, We're just going to get involved. Eyezdown is more of a group/collaboration rather than one person or just a blog.

Soon there will be so much content you won't know what to do with your selves. 


Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This is SBTRKT's 'citin new album which is being released June 27th on "Young Turks", seeing as this is not sooner enough the fellas over at "The hype machine" have been granted access to host/showcase the album through some crazy media player thing. I've been raping this album over the past week and my two personal favorites have to be "Trails of the past" & "Right thing to do", SBTRKT is the maddest of men.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lunice Producer & DJ.

One of the best DJ'S & producers around! has the madest vibe and buss's of the sickest dances.
One of the best sets around.

Friday, 17 June 2011


This is great interview with co-founder of boiler rooms, bpm and is filmed/hosted by Intruders TV. I love what their doing right now over at boiler rooms, i'll be documenting and capturing over the summer, scenes, similar to the boiler room. This will be captured in a disarray and candid manner, through still and motion picture. The whole laid back approach to their nights out which doubles up with the originality of it all is what has caught the attention of so many. They are raking in the largest acts around, Jamie xx, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Hessle records, Young Turks etc. 
Boiler Room image taken by - Unknown (To me)

 Boiler Rooms 1st Birthday Mount Kimbie - Photo EyezDown.

I lock in every Tuesday and when ever else they stream because there's always a good set and a good vibe, it really reminds me of is Deja Vu FM & Rinse FM and how they had such strong holds on a scene. Rinse recently gained a radio license (think its 106.8?) after a long time petitioning, so their probably one of the longest running pirate radio stations, for about 15 years! used to love the stella sessions. Deja Vu was slightly different, it focus more on the grime scene, they'd host clash's, such as the most famous Titch and Dizzie rascal and general long sets with crews like Meridian, Movement, Neckel Camp, More Fire, Slew Dem, Roll Deep (pretty shit), East Connection, Newham Generals and OT Crew, thought i'd name the main ones lol. Anyways the grime scene, to me, Died in around 07 which i think is due to funky house, i'll say no more. 

So boiler Rooms have really capture my eye and i feel pretty motivated through their rise in the music scene! I've always wanted to Document in a journalistic style the evolution of the grime scene but my interest in photography was just a little to late. The new sounds we're hearing today have really grabbed me and feel i'm more into music than my fucking photography degree, Going to be buying some cdj's hopefully in the next month or so? I can just about mix so thought why not, everybody else is! I'm a sheep i know.

I will be doing a blog post on Grime with some of my favorite instrumentals and freestyles, i'll also incorporate some how grime into the EYEZDOWN forthcoming sets, sometimes you need some angry bars.


Hey here's a new design from the EyezDown blog! hope you guys like it, I took the image my self and have been trying to find a good font type. Tell me what you lot think?

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Palace's Premium Mix ( Free Download ) by PALACE

The boys at Palace have put out this mad mix, definitely worth a listen some great tunes on there. Keep an eye out for the EYEZ DOWN exclusive mix's, hopefully by the end of the month we'll have our very own works up for download.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Serioulsy Objekt is one of my favorite producers and this is why!

OBJEKT002B :: Unglued [CLIP] by Objekt

OOH GOSH! Objekt has seriously done it again, the original was really good and i didn't think anybody could genuinely remix sbtrkts wildfire but i guess i thought wrong. Objekts done him justice for sure, techno roots in this one, can't wait till the 28th.  
It appears that they have taken the song down from his sound cloud so in the mean time i'll leave you with his latest release!


What do you think of our new design?

Here's another EYEZ DOWN sort of design, wouldn't mind some feed back on them!
What I'll be doing over the course of this blog, will be to document London's current underground music scene, I'll be doing this through still and moving imagery. These images and pieces of work will be going towards my third year practical project. I'm going to be capturing DJ's and producers all over south east England, interviewing them and then shooting them during a mix or just a place they like to cotch. We'll Also be posting our very own mix's recorded at EYEZ DOWN HQ "for you pleasure", top secret stuff son.
Anyways, please I'd love some feed back good or bad on the images!



I'm basically a photographer, i like taking images but only when it really pleases me. I seem to lose inspiration as fast as i get, probably normal. I'm just going to ramble on over the next paragraph about my interests and how I've developed these interests & hobbies. 

I think my whole interest in subcultures and the youth is down to skating and pretty much living at the skate park for all of my teenage years. I'd always try to recreate lines and the tricks I'd seen in my favorite skate videos, mates and i would create short amateur videos, we'd be constantly documenting our days on the streets or at the park. Skate parks are great to grow up in, kind of. 
Watching edits and trying to recreate our own videos was what kept me so interested in the hobby. My all time favorite edit would have to be by heroin skateboards. True British street skating at its best, its filmed mainly in London, documenting the skaters, their lives and show casing their talents through street skating. The first sound track used in the introduction is by Aphex twin - Avril 14th, It really creates a sense of grace and precision in the skaters movements but is then met with another song i'm not familiar with but its a straight madness!... Pretty much watch it, if you don't skate, bmx or blade you may not get it but still give it a watch and tell me what you think! I'm slightly bias towards the video seeing as i grew up with it, i still have it on VSH going to keep it forever.

It may not look much but its been the main influence in my work and style of photography.
Cheers for listening.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

This has to be one of my favorite songs right now, Jamie XX has been killing since his Gil Scott-Heron Remix LP release, I was really looking forward to seeing him at the Boiler rooms for their 1st birthday but due to some sort of predicament he didn't turn up, which left me feeling pretty disappointed. They did how ever end up playing "Beat For" to some what make up for his absence, it almost worked. The vocal samples are to fucking sick, massively hypnotizing. Go purchase his new release on Numbers from


Over this next month I’ll be posting at least twice a day, every day! keep it locked as we get this project underway! This is just a temporary logo/design for EyezDown to air out, i basically want as much good and bad criticism as i can possibly get. I don’t really know what to think of it, What are you thoughts on the design? What do you and don’t you like about it?


Hello everyone!

This blog is dedicated to following the London Underground Music scene through the means of documentary photography, short film  interviews and long periods of time trawling through the depths of the inter-web. My names Chris and I’m currently a second year student studying a BA honors in photography but right at this very moment i seem to be more interested in music than photography. I can’t play an instrument but I’m trying to learn to mix like everyone else is! Standard cliche, i know. Its quite an exciting period for the UK’s music scene, its not yet got a solid name and bpm’s range from around 100 to 140, madness! I’m pretty in love with the idea of basing my third year project on this subject, i want to document the scenes growth and evolution through still and motion picture, my main plan is to create an installation piece filmed and then projected onto a wall..of course.
Any ways i hope you enjoy my blogging and would quite like to have some followers and welcome feedback on my images/whatever i post!

Thanks for listening & please follow me …. please??