Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hello everyone!

This blog is dedicated to following the London Underground Music scene through the means of documentary photography, short film  interviews and long periods of time trawling through the depths of the inter-web. My names Chris and I’m currently a second year student studying a BA honors in photography but right at this very moment i seem to be more interested in music than photography. I can’t play an instrument but I’m trying to learn to mix like everyone else is! Standard cliche, i know. Its quite an exciting period for the UK’s music scene, its not yet got a solid name and bpm’s range from around 100 to 140, madness! I’m pretty in love with the idea of basing my third year project on this subject, i want to document the scenes growth and evolution through still and motion picture, my main plan is to create an installation piece filmed and then projected onto a wall..of course.
Any ways i hope you enjoy my blogging and would quite like to have some followers and welcome feedback on my images/whatever i post!

Thanks for listening & please follow me …. please??


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  1. Greetings and welcome to the blogosphere! I wish you the best of luck.