Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I'm basically a photographer, i like taking images but only when it really pleases me. I seem to lose inspiration as fast as i get, probably normal. I'm just going to ramble on over the next paragraph about my interests and how I've developed these interests & hobbies. 

I think my whole interest in subcultures and the youth is down to skating and pretty much living at the skate park for all of my teenage years. I'd always try to recreate lines and the tricks I'd seen in my favorite skate videos, mates and i would create short amateur videos, we'd be constantly documenting our days on the streets or at the park. Skate parks are great to grow up in, kind of. 
Watching edits and trying to recreate our own videos was what kept me so interested in the hobby. My all time favorite edit would have to be by heroin skateboards. True British street skating at its best, its filmed mainly in London, documenting the skaters, their lives and show casing their talents through street skating. The first sound track used in the introduction is by Aphex twin - Avril 14th, It really creates a sense of grace and precision in the skaters movements but is then met with another song i'm not familiar with but its a straight madness!... Pretty much watch it, if you don't skate, bmx or blade you may not get it but still give it a watch and tell me what you think! I'm slightly bias towards the video seeing as i grew up with it, i still have it on VSH going to keep it forever.

It may not look much but its been the main influence in my work and style of photography.
Cheers for listening.


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